active Oil (cool Geranium) (body)
Net: 8ml
Directions: Apply evenly to the skin, the number of times depending on individual circumstances
ingredients: Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil、Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil、Menthol、 Menthyl lactate、Paraffinum Liquidum、Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride、Parfum


Soothing conditioning, life standing, a touch of fresh!

ball design, lightweight bottled, easy to use, easy to carry.

can be rolled in the temple, people, neck and neck and other parts of the body, cool soothing discomfort.

ease, relax the skin tired, relieve physical and mental stress.

massage conditioning, slow skin discomfort, enhance skin   



Cool and relieve pressure, relieve and activate skin.









1. Consult a physician or pharmacist for the use of children under two years of age.

2. It is normal that the essential oil of mint solidifies or partially solidifies at low room temperature.

3. Avoid eye circumference when using

As a result of natural plant extracts, its color, concentration and smell will change with the natural ingredients change, this is a normal phenomenon.