English Pear Freesia Perfume body lotion(body)
Net: 500ml
Directions: Take a proper amount of Body Lotion, apply evenly on whole body or partially dry skin and gently massage until naturally absorbed.
With the English Pear Freesia Perfume body serum the effect is more.
ingredients: Royal Jelly、Cucumissativus、Green Tea、Olive Oil、Glycerol、Mineral Oil、Petroleum Jelly、Steareth-2、Steareth-21、Triethanol amine、Carbomer、Parfum、Phenoxyethanol、Distilled water

The velvety smoothness is blended into the irresistible classic aroma, the sweet and sour pears are fragrant, wrapped in the faint scent of freesia, intertwined with aromas and silky moisturizing, firming and moisturizing the skin and simultaneously repairing Protects the muscles, the fragrance gently covers every inch of skin, completely nourishes the dry and aging skin, reduces the body texture, and makes the skin shine all the time.





1. If the following symptoms are used, please stop using them and consult your physician:

. Redness, swelling, irritation, or other discomfort during use
. The above phenomena are produced by the sun after use

2. Avoid use in abnormal skin areas such as wounds, redness and eczema