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Almond acid soft complexion skin essence 20% ( Essence)
Net: 30ml
Directions: [Small exhort]
The first use, it is recommended before the wrist, ear easy to do sensitive test, you can first use 10% almond acid soft fair skin essence, such as the skin can adapt, and then try 20% almond acid soft complex skin essence, Face with 10% almond acid soft complexion skin care essence maintenance, with 20% almond acid softening cream skin essence of local use.
ingredients: Water、Mandelic acid、Butylene Glycol、Triethanolamine、Propylene Glycol、Glycerin、Niacinamide、Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate、Sodium Citrate、Phenoxyethanol、Panthenol
Skin 6 big problems, at home can also be beautiful beauty skin care!
L-Mandelic Acid Renewal Essence
White live white, uniform whitening color.
Net metabolism of old waste horny, to solve the problem of acne.
Through the regulation of oil secretion, clear thoroughly not shiny.
Bright activation of aging skin, improve dull and dull.

Tightly resistant to wrinkles, to maintain skin elasticity.
Tender long-lasting water moisturizing, smooth and smooth skin.
Steps for usage】
STEP1 cleanses the skin
STEP2 almond acid soft fairy skin essence
STEP3 make-up water
STEP4 moisturizing products
【Usage suggestion】
Skin 10% almond acid 20% almond acid use frequency
Sensitive skin local wipes recommended after the test
recommended use once a week
Dry skin full face using local wipes recommended once a week
Mixed skin full face using local wiping recommended week 2 to 3 times
Oily skin full face using local wiping or full face use recommended week 2 to 3 times 
(1) For sensitive skin, please do a skin sensitivity test before use.
(2) Do not use if the skin is damaged, wounded or swollen.
(3) This product should not be used by infants and children.
(4) If the skin is abnormal during use, please stop using it.
(5) If the skin is persistently red or swollen or unsuitable for use, please consult a doctor immediately.
(6) This product contains fruit acids, which may increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight and sunburn.
(7) Sunscreens must be used after using this product. Wear protective clothing and avoid sun exposure for a week.