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Amino acid brightening facial cleanser (Sensitive skin type)(facial)
Net: 100ml
Directions: Take a proper amount of facial cleanser , pour out the foam, gently massage the entire face and wash the foam.
ingredients: Cucumissativus、Pantothenic Acid、Aloe Vera、Trehalose、Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate、Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate、Sodium Lauroamphoacetate、Acrylates Copolymer、Butylene Glycol 、Glycerol、Citric Acid、Perfume、Phenoxyethanol、Distilled Water

soap-free , skin friendly, mild and not easy to stimulate, super soft foam can penetrate deep into the pores to completely remove dirt, grease and old dead skin, effectively promote skin metabolism, high water retention function, after washing, the skin is not tight, not dry, the skin is smooth and white .









1. If you have any of the following symptoms, please stop using it and consult your doctor:

. Red, swollen, irritating or other discomfort during use
. After the use, the above phenomenon occurs after sun exposure


2. Please avoid using skin abnormal parts such as wounds, redness and eczema