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Micellar cleansing water(wash face , Make up Remover)
Net: 180ml
Directions: The cleansing water poured onto the cotton pad, gently remove the face make-up and dirt, re-use until the skin is completely clean so far, do not use after washing, can be used as a make-up water and moisturizing function.
ingredients: Water、Butylene Glycol、PEG-6 caprylic/capric glycerides、
PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate、Rosa Damascena Flower Extract、Trehalose、Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate、Sodium PCA、Panthenol、

Super province cleaning and maintenance law!

As long as this bottle, easily turned smart wise woman

Makeup + clean + make-up water + moisturizing four-in-one




Perfect zero residual makeup cool zero oil temperature mild load!

Fairy cleansing skin will be the perfect combination of cleansing base and moisturizing factor, whether it is makeup and sunscreen isolation products or life of the dust, dirty easy to remove no residue, can gently remove the old dead skin, thoroughly deep pores to improve excess oil secretion, To ease the sensitive skin, no oil is not acne formula, planting eyelashes can also be used with peace, do not destroy the length of hair care, after the use of soft and smooth skin is not tight, not dry.



Water-free unique Micelle clean micelles new technology

Special oil and water amphibian structure molecules, lipophilic molecules to effectively absorb facial makeup and grease, hydrophilic molecules can be completely covered with dirt and remove the residual dirt, thoroughly clean no dead skin to have a fresh and clean feeling.

Double moisturizing cream is extremely moisturizing

Contains natural moisturizing factor PCA-Na and vitamin B5 double moisturizing film, can form a moisturizing barrier on the skin to prevent moisture from the surface, quickly enhance the moisture content of the skin at all times moist and shiny.


Clean, make-up water, moisturizing four-effect one, perfect zero residual makeup, fresh zero oil sense, moderate zero burden, washable unique Micelle clean micelles new technology thoroughly clean no dead ends, double moisturizing cream, The skin is flowing through the moment.











※ Mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss, please wet it for a few seconds before wiping
※ When waterproof mascara is difficult to remove, it can be used with "deep cleansing oil" for better results.
※ If you are still used to washing your face, please wash your face according to the normal face washing procedure.
※ If you have eyelashes, please be careful not to overdo it, to avoid eyelashes falling off.
※ Please be careful not to flow into the eyes. If you accidentally get into your eyes or feel abnormal, please rinse them off with water immediately. If the abnormality persists, please consult the eye.