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The Natural Anti-Bacterial Deodorant Spray(Deodorant , toothpaste)
Net: 250ml
Directions: Directly spray on the source of odor to quickly eliminate odor, prevent bacterial breeding, and no rinsing after use.
ingredients: Mandarin、Satureia Montana Oil、Menthol、Paraffinum Liquidum、Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Product: The Natural Anti-Bacterial Deodorant Spray
Purpose: Spray on the clothing and hair in advance to prevent odor absorption, environmental maintenance and odor elimination.
Precaution: Avoid accidental ingestion by infants.
Spray twice to get rid of that annoying odor and Say Bye Bye
Instantaneously decomposes and covers the stubborn odor in the air,
giving you back a fresh good air
Most of the deodorants sold in the market contain Formaldehyde and chemical additives. Formaldehyde is toxic while the indoor air is filled with volatile chemicals, whereas long-term inhalation and accumulation in the body will cause dizziness and nausea as well as other chronic poisoning act could damage your health unconsciously. The Natural Anti-Bacterial Deodorant Spray distinguishes from other products sold in the market, which is odorless, essence-free that eliminates odor using decomposition mechanism, inhibiting bacterial breeding, green and does not cause environmental pollution. It is a safe product without burden.
Natural: No alcohol or other stimulating chemical substances added. Naturally decomposing ingredients that are safe for human and pets without the burden.
Effective: Spray on the source of odor to quickly decompose the bacterial in large area, effectively enhance the air quality of the environment.
Prevention: Spray on the cloth and hair in advance to prevent odor absorption from fumes and cigarette smoke.                                                                            
Convenience: Directly spray without dilution to easily inhibit bacterial and remove odor, giving a refreshing and non-greasy effect.
Economic: Economic usage with largest effectiveness, using the most affordable price to enjoy the most comprehensive pamper.
Green: Does not cause environmental pollution and no harmful ingredients added. Safety guaranteed.
Applicable Scope

Residential Environment such as door knob, stair handrail and telephone
Remove odor, inhibit bacterial and protect environmental health
Kitchenware and sink
Inhibit bacterial breeding and maintain health and hygiene
Effectively remove odor and inhibit bacterial breeding
Industrial/commercial agencies, office environment, 3C industrial and office environment
Protection of environmental health and safety, inhibiting bacterial breeding
Textiles, clothing, shoes, socks, and helmet
Effective bacterial inhibition after spray, reducing odor, and enhancing living quality
Bathroom, toilet, washbasin
Protecting environmental health, effectively removing odor, and inhibiting bacterial breeding
Pets and pet space
Maintaining environmental quality, decomposing pet odor, and protecting the family and pet health
Enclosed space such as automobiles and tour bus
Decomposing odor, improving air quality, and protecting environmental health