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extremely concentrated mineral laundry powder
Net: 600g
Directions: A small amount of clothing at low water level: 1 flat spoon about 5g
Medium water volume medium clothing: 1 flat spoon slightly more than 6g
High water level clothing: 2~3 flat spoons about 10~15g
ingredients: Citrus Reticulata Leaf Oil、ZeoliteSodium bicarbonate 、Perlite、Sodium sulfate、Cocoamidopropyl Betaine

With the particle impact method, the washing effect is better!



This product features:

1. The dosage is super-saving, the water level in the washing machine is cleaned, only 6g at a time.

2. Take the micro-particle impact decontamination method, low foam, strong emulsification decontamination, deodorization, and quick washing.

3. Water saving, power saving, and time saving can reduce the pulling of clothes and prolong the service life of clothes.

4. Super odor removal function, without chemical flavor, can avoid skin irritation.

5. The foam of the residual clothes is not good for the human body. This product is low in foam and easy to flush, especially suitable for infants and young children, as well as those with sensitive skin.



(1) If you want to wash your hands, wear rubber gloves to reduce the irritation to the skin.
(2) Do not soak for too long, please use according to the usage, so as not to damage the fabric or cause discoloration.
(3) Please place it in a place where young children are not easy to take, so as not to eat.
(4) Do not swallow. If you accidentally eat, please take a lot of milk and seek medical advice as soon as possible.
(5) If you accidentally touch your eyes, please rinse with water for 10~15 minutes. If you still have redness and tingling, please seek medical advice immediately.
(6) If the dye quality is unstable, the color of the new color clothing may fade. Please test it before use.