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Quick clean laundry crystal
Net: 1000g
Directions: This product is fragrance-free, non-foam, super emulsified environmental formula
ingredients: Sodium sulfate、Sodium carbonate、Sodium bicarbonate

 Laundry revolution! Subvert the traditional laundry


No washing machine washing, no need to re-sweat
Easily soaked can be washed too clean! Provincial laundry costs more than million

This product features:
1. Super odor function, no need to smell the scent, to avoid skin irritation
2. The first non-foam emulsion deodorant formula, can be more quickly remove dirt and perspiration
3. Machine wash only 10 minutes to reduce the clothing pull, to extend the life of clothes, save water and save time
4. Hand wash only soak for 5 minutes, then rinse with water, you do not have to scrub

5. Green formula, fragrance-free, foam-free, non-irritating, non-residue, especially suitable for baby and all skin sensitive clothes clean
6. A number of baby mothers try this product, unanimously full of praise! Fresh and comfortable clothing, allergies have improved

The first non-foam emulsion deodorant formula can be more quickly remove dirt, eliminate odor, non-scented, non-irritating, easy to wash, no residue, water, electricity, save time, as long as easy to soak for 5 minutes, Clothing immediately white and clean

★It is normal for the color, concentration and odor of the natural plant extract to change with the change of the natural ingredients.

★If the color of the dyes is unstable, there is still the possibility of discoloration. Please test before using.