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Sapindus detergent spray (Household Series)
Net: 2000ml /1000ml
Directions: (1) Please pour this product into the spray bottle and use it directly.

(2) When heavy oil pollution, please first spray this product on the required cleaning items and then with the scrubbing, cleaning effect is better.
ingredients: Sapindus Mukurossi Fruit Extract、 Citrus Reticulata Leaf Oil、Lemon oil、Sodium bicarbonate、Cocoamidopropyl Betaine、Citric Acid、Phenoxyethanol、Distilled Water


Innovative spray degreasing decontamination, as long as sprays rapid decomposition of greasy, rapid decontamination of .


The plant extracts, water immediately break down, clean faster, neutral formula does not bite the hand, no pollution, the amount of provincial, thoroughly wash away the residue substance, not to worry about the foam did not rinse, rinse it easier.











(1) For sensitive skin, please wear gloves.

(2) Please place it in a place where it is not easy for young children to get it, so as not to eat it by mistake.

(3) Do not swallow. If you eat by mistake, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

(4) If you touch your eyes carelessly, rinse them with plenty of water immediately and see a doctor immediately.


A full 2000ml capacity just enough

easy good pour points bottling portable 

marked "Sapindus detergent" to make people feel at ease 

And than is to view the ingredients 

Sapindus extract, citrus leaf oil, lemon oil, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, Distilled water .... 

even a natural product decontamination, have bright  effect, open a bottle smell a faint scent of citrus oils 

to personally experience the last is to put good things to recommend to friends and family around 

often to the toilet in the urine feces dirt worry 
first step to experience the hope that the package really write "a spray" , it gently with a spray bottle to spray several times, toilet brush gently brush, a flush to clean. 

it is better pour a bottle cleaner into the toilet tank, the way that each can be washed clean when the water, in addition to smelly and cleaning. 

The oil is the most important kitchen wall and  rag on to see if it would be the savior of the mother in the kitchen 

transferred to puff kitchen wall, with scouring pads so gently brush, grease followed away; then take damp cloth to wipe once more light cleaning. 
Finally,  rub the rag, rag will find also followed bright. 

Kitchen can be easily cleaned, then take it to the living room with the children a painted walls; , use scouring pads, the wall is clean. 

recommend repurchase of product.