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Speed Jingliang detergent (Multi Function Detergent)
Net: 450g
Directions: All bright as new, decontamination is so simple Natural orange oil to bring
ingredients: Tangerine Leaf Oil 、Sodium Percarbonate、Sodium bicarbonate


 All bright as new, decontamination is so simple Natural orange oil to bring 

you a new idea of green clean, Xu earth a clean space. Easy to remove 
stains and odor, speed Jingliang Xijing crystal also clear your life in vain.
Do you have hard-to-clean appliances and stubborn dirt that can not be removed? Dirt grime, soap, dirt and so on dirt, depth is not easy to clean the groove slit, decontamination, in addition to smell, natural cold pressure Orange oil, remove dirt, no chemical residue, a spoonful of easy to give you white, bright new feeling!
Applies to:
1. Kitchen utensils: range hood, range hood oil network, stove flow desk
2. Electrical appliances shell: electric pot, oven, microwave oven, electric fan, refrigerator, dishwasher
3. Other: stainless steel, glass, ceramics, plastic containers, tea dirt, 
4. coffee stains, sink slit, filter dirt, tiles mold dirt,Effectively remove all kinds of equipment dirt and odor.
1. Although this product is not corrosive, it is recommended that people with skin allergies wear gloves.
2. If you accidentally touch your eyes while using this product, please rinse with plenty of water and send it to the doctor as soon as possible.
3. Please keep it dry. Seal it immediately after use. Do not place it in a position that is easy for young children to take.
4. Do not exceed 40 °C when using water.
5. Do not use in the cleaning of easily oxidizable metal products such as aluminum, iron, copper, lead and lacquerware, tatami and electroplating coatings.
6. Do not use or pre-dissolve in a closed container.
7. When the product is used, there will be gas and air bubbles, which is normal. Please feel free to use it. 

ture story  :  

Rinse with water, do not need to brush, as long as washed with water to be super clean, my mom once used to fall in love,

I also brought my colleague's cup back and forth, even his colleague said it was amazing to buy several bottles at a time, and this could be washed

Kitchen utensils and supplies, oil filter hoods, sink filters and dishwashing machines, drinking fountains water tray, kitchen utensils

And supplies, range hoods, range hood oil network, stoves flow Taiwan, electric pots, ovens, microwave ovens, fans,

Refrigerator, Dryer ... .. and so on.  

Everything can be washed, as long as a bottle can get mothers the most headaches, and do not need any brush, only

To soak a night, the next day those greasy dirt will float out, and then rinse the whole water is like a new

The same is the mothers savior, lazy savior, and the price is real, it is simply something