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Butterfly Pea Flower & Royal Jelly whitening sleeping mask(facial)
Net: 360ml
Directions: Take appropriate amount of frozen film, evenly apply it to face skin (about 0.3~0.5cm thick), clean it after about 20 minutes, and then use the following basic maintenance. (It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week for thickening care)
ingredients: Butterflies flower extraction、royal jelly、 Cucumber、Vitamin C、Xantham Gum、Carbomer、Glycerin、Trehalose、Triethanol amine、Perfume、Phenoxyethanol、Distilled Water

 Whitening skin, diluting dullness, increasing skin brightness, improving uneven skin tone, leaving skin white and bright.







 1. If you have any of the following symptoms, please stop using it and consult your doctor:

. Red, swollen, irritating or other discomfort during use
. After the use, the above phenomenon occurs after sun exposure
2. Please avoid using skin abnormal parts such as wounds, redness and eczema.