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Beauty Hydrolyzed Collagen
Net: 180g
ingredients: Collagen

  Raw materials imported from Germany, ultra-high purity, through the SGS detection of collagen content> 99%

High purity, good water solubility, easier to absorb.

Zero fat, zero sugar, no cholesterol, low calorie, beautiful no burden.

No smell, no pigment, spices.

No added artificial additives, preservatives, health without burden.




Applicable to


1.To keep fit.

2.Regular exercise, fitness people.

3.Busy life, stay up all night, work pressure.

4.Want to have a good color of the beauty of women.

5.Want to beauty, maintenance of skin who



Keep the product in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children, and avoid direct sunlight.

1. This product does not contain any additives, the color of each batch of raw materials will be slightly different, occasionally pseudo-caking phenomenon, can be dispersed by tapping, this is normal
Like, does not affect the quality, please feel free to eat.
2. In pregnancy, breastfeeding, and special diseases or special constitutions, please consult a physician before eating.
3. After opening, please seal it completely, eat it as soon as possible according to the daily supplement, and keep the spoon clean and separate.