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Third Generation Sanshou Series Environmental Protection Group (1 group 4 in)(Integrated series of products)
Net: Sapindus black and black hair shampoo 1000ml Sapindus compact white body lotion 1000ml Sapindus hand cold wash fine 1000ml Sapindus dislocation black and white clean milk 200ml
Directions: Sapindus black and black hair shampoo : wash hair

Sapindus compact white body lotion : wash body

Sapindus hand cold wash fine : wash clothes

Sapindus dislocation black and white clean milk : wash face


 The third generation of sessile environmental protection series

The strongest CP value Natural wash group is cheap to take home!
Spread thousands of years of fruit, natural care of the magic weapon - the ancient recipe without siren
Saponin is the most environmentally friendly natural foaming agent, rich in vitamin C, amino acid and other ingredients, since ancient times was used to wash the skin and clothing, mild and not easy to stimulate, there are Adjust the effectiveness of skin oil, so you return to nature to find the most clean feeling.
Strict selection of ancient through this natural treasures, feel endless infinite charm!
From the most primitive baptism, so that you immersed in the gift of nature, excellent without child care essence, care every inch of the skin. Add whitening, Polygonum multiflorum ingredients, make the skin translucent white, hair black and abundance.
Experience the natural pure Su live feel, the skin is refreshing without burden!
Shapish firming & whitening body wash-
Thoroughly wash the body dirty and balance the skin oil secretion, so that the skin whitening tight.
Saped Shampoo Soapberry shining-black shampoo-
Gentle cleansing hair, can be active hair, strong hair roots, so that hair black and abundance.
Shaping skin whitening Soapberry skin lightening facial cleanser-
Deep purification of pores, improve dull, so that the skin whitening translucent.

 Since it contains natural orange oil, its color, concentration and odor change with the change of natural ingredients, which is normal.

1. If you have any of the following symptoms, please stop using it and consult your doctor:
. Red, swollen, irritating or other discomfort during use
. After the use, the above phenomenon occurs after sun exposure
2. Please avoid using skin abnormal parts such as wounds, redness and eczema.




Cleansing Milk 200ml + Sapinda Firming White Body Lotion 1000ml + Sickness Blackhead Ying Shampoo 1000ml + Sick child hand cold wash Jing 1000ml】, East Xin chemical plant Really is the Buddha heart, the bottle is a large capacity, launched the history of the highest C P value of the production Goods, can be said to be value for money, inexpensive, do not buy a pity!



[Sapindus black and white clean milk] - large capacity 200ml, good red wash, wash after Not tight, dry, feeling fresh and no residue, suitable for every day to use Oh!



[Sapinda compact white milk] - this bottle to add mulberry white, witch hazel, Acid and other whitening, moisturizing ingredients, good red wash no residue, after washing will not have a sense of slippery Feel, do not feel dry, gentle do not feel exciting, suitable for a variety of skin to use






[Sapindus black and black abundance of shampoo] - this bottle in particular add Kampo ingredients - Polygonum multiflorum, Angelica, ginger and other ingredients, the amount of province, as long as one to two can be, mild not Will stimulate, as well as add black, abundance of hair of the natural ingredients, effective live hair Hair, strong hair root, suitable for every day use Oh!



【Sanshou child hand wash cold scouring】 - because the clothes are hand wash home, this bottle of hand cold Purification is the most suitable but Hello! Gentle clean formula, there are hand care ingredients, fragrance good Taste, even high clothing are applicable, clothes wear on the body that naturally there will be no residue The feeling, peace of mind and comfortable, is very worthy of recommendation of the good thing - [without children handguards Cold scrub!



As long as the purchase of a group of three third generation of sloppy environmental protection series, can be said that the whole body up and down the whole Get, do not have to buy bottles and jars, but also for the size of the whole family to use, because it is by Natural Sapindus fruit extract, containing the most environmentally friendly plant saponin, rich in vitamins C, amino acids and other ingredients, mild not to stimulate, but also have the power to regulate skin oils and fats Effect, it is worth recommending to you to try the good thing, you will be satisfied with the use of satisfaction.