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Pomelo Spray Dry Hand Wash
Net: 100ml
Directions: Directly sprayed on the hands of the skin, until the hands of rubbing dry after no need to clean water.
ingredients: Tea Tree、Niaouli、Grapefruit、Glycerol、Alcohol、Distilled Water

 A touch of grapefruit aroma, gently spray a clean hand skin to eliminate the smell, add natural moisturizing ingredients, clean and moisturize at the same time, after use is not sticky, dry skin, not astringent, not tight! Spray-style design can carry, anytime, anywhere clean hands for health checks.










 1. Do not use alcohol allergies. Please try to avoid skin abnormalities such as wounds, redness and eczema.

2. If you accidentally eat or accidentally touch the nose, please rinse immediately with plenty of water and send the doctor as soon as possible.
3. Please keep out of reach of children and babies. This product is not edible.
4. This product is flammable. Please keep away from fire when using it, and keep the cap tightly closed.